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CRUSO a world class Vitrified Slab Manufacturer.

Focusing on constant improvement and full customer satisfaction, CRUSO - Surfaces Ceramica assures the aesthetic and technical qualities of its products through a management system certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, applied to the design and commercialisation of ceramic tiles.


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The Brand name “ CRUSO “ is inspired by the world famous English novel “ROBINSON CRUSOE” by Daniel Defoe. ROBINSON CRUSOE is the tale of one man’s survival on a un-inhabited island following a shipwreck- although Crusoe later discovers the island isn’t as un-inhabited as the first thought.

History of Ceramic Tiles

The History of ceramic tiles begins with the oldest civilizations. It is known that Egyptians on the 4th millennium B.C. already used to decorate their houses with blue tile bricks. The glazed bricks were also very common in Mesopotamia; one of its famous applications the Ishtar door of Babylon. Originally considered one of the world’s seven wonders.


In our heads, we are clear from the inception of “ CRUSO - Surfaces Ceramica” to make products that break the stereotype. The Global consumers are rapidly growing appetite for style and aesthetics which is the inspiration behind every design of “CRUSO – Surfaces Ceramica” the strong concern to keep up pace with the customer & market demands, has made “ CRUSO – Surfaces Ceramica “ a synonym for quality, services and innovation.

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CRUSO Surfaces Ceramica’s mission is to provide interior designers, architects and the most demanding customers with ceramic solutions suitable for every destination of use, ensuring an aesthetic appeal that is in line with market needs and, at the same time, combine them with excellent technical performance.


To continue innovating to offer high range architectural solutions that stand out and position CRUSO Surfaces Ceramica as the leading brand in the sector it best serves and adapting it to the needs of the GLOCAL (global and local) market.


The rapidly growing the appetite for style and aesthetics is the inspiration behind every design of “CRUSO – Surfaces Ceramica”, Products that break the stereotype.!!