Marble Porcelain slabs have been unheeded in good turn of natural stone for a longer duration. Undoubtedly, there was a handful of good grounds for that in the bygone days, but time is changing so as to the fashion trends in the interior designing and needs of upgrading the stone preferences. Porcelain slabs are sturdy, tough, long- lasting, water-resistant, and dust and dirt resistant, and have ample of more properties. Porcelain slab for countertops is considered to be the best option in a heavy-duty kitchen area or office space. Due to its wide variety of textures, colors, and patterns, it makes the design choices for the commercial space or residential space much more supple.

The Porcelain ceramic is manufactured and created from the amalgamation of fine clay known as Kaolinite and some sand-like minerals such as Feldspar, bone ash, steatite, Quartz, Alabaster and Silica that gives strength and color to the Porcelain ceramic mixture. The mixture of the Porcelain ceramic is shaped as thin & large format porcelain slabs by heating it in a kiln at a specified high temperature.

Marble porcelain is an exceptionally firm surface and considered to be the best fit for the high traffic areas, both in commercial and residential, as it is not prone to incising, wear and tear, fading, staining, and other damages that may be caused due to natural, chemical or accidental. They are manufactured using a distinctive technique and printing technology known as an inkjet. The natural stones such as granite or marble porcelain stone lack in uniformity; on the contrary, each marble porcelain slab, whether medium-sized porcelain slab or gauged porcelain slabs, has uniformity in design, texture, and color. So, you don’t have to take little breaks or a few days off from work or any important schedule to visit the infinity porcelain slab manufacturer to pick the infinity porcelain slabs for remodeling projects.

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Porcelain slabs are highly recommended for high traffic areas as 6 mm,12mm, 20 mm infinity Porcelain slabs in both commercial spaces as well as residential spaces and are installed in outdoors as porcelain patio slabs, outdoor porcelain paving slabs, porcelain wall slabs, and garden porcelain slabs; whereas in kitchen area they are used as porcelain slab backsplash, book matched porcelain slabs in Porcelain slab countertops, porcelain flooring and walls; and in washrooms as Porcelain slab shower and more.

Installing the gauged porcelain slabs is done on the top of a substrate, which could be of cement board or dense foam support. This is done to create a barrier or cushion between the marble porcelain and the support, which is generally a stone for solid walls and plywood for cabinets and so on. The best porcelain tile slabs can be installed directly on the top of stone only if the stone, such as granite or quartz, is natural, not a man-made one. The stature of marble porcelain is thin, and thus it makes it a lightweight material. Thus, porcelain can be easily transportable and easily installable as slabs, blocks, and more.

The glazed Porcelain slabs come with a brilliant assortment of finishes ranging from monochromatic to vibrantly glazed, matte to a high gloss, plain or speckled to marbled; colors ranging from white Porcelain slabs to colored Porcelain slabs; pattern ranging from porcelain marble tile slab, mosaic tiles, hardwood, granite porcelain tiles, and more; and textures ranging from graining, distress, and weathering.

We are the leading porcelain slab manufacturer. We offer porcelain slab products in many different coloured variation For Ex: Black, white, grey, green, red porcelain slab, pink marble porcelain slab, blue porcelain slab, etc.

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