Want to renovate the home or office space to give a striking posh look? From outdoors to kitchen tiling, the tried and true choice for tiling has always been polished glazed Porcelain tiles. Due to its water-resistant, low-maintainability, and highly durable properties makes them last for almost the lifetime.

The modern polished glazed porcelain tiles have the most promising advantage over other tiles categories is they very realistically impersonate mostly all types of traditional or natural flooring materials, in which a few of them are wood look porcelain tiles, marble porcelain tiles, cork, steel, granite tiles, and more. Visually, it is nearly impossible to differentiate between a glazed porcelain floor tile and the natural stone tiles or natural flooring material.

The polished glazed porcelain tiles are a modernized version of digital ceramic tiles that are manufactured from a finer and denser clay that is baked at a specified high temperature to evaporate the water content present in the mixture, after that they are printed using a special printing technique and later on, they are cut into customized shapes and sizes as tiles. This process makes the polished glazed porcelain tiles tough, durable, and water-resistant.

The polished porcelain tile is often measured up to and analogized with digital ceramic tile, but actually, they are a superior subset of ceramic tiles. There are two primitive types of Porcelain tiles for tiling, these are through-bodied(unglazed) Porcelain tiles and glazed porcelain tiles. As per the selection of the type of the Porcelain tiles, after its installation in the areas the look and durability of the space are increased and maximized.

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unglazed porcelain wall tiles are commonly known as gauged Porcelain wall tiles, they have a consistent colour and texture all over the tile, they are highly durable, and has the less absorption rate, which is approximately lower than 0.5%. These polished glazed porcelain tiles are highly recommended for high traffic areas in both commercial and residential spaces, they are installed in indoors as polished glazed porcelain tiles for living room, porcelain plank tiles and porcelain wall tiles; outdoors as outdoor porcelain tile; whereas in kitchen area they are used as large porcelain floor tile for kitchen ; and in washrooms as porcelain shower tile, porcelain bathroom floor tile and more.

In glazed porcelain tiles, the glaze on the tile creates a wear layer that doesn’t permit the colour and the pattern to permeate through the entire porcelain tile. Due to its high glaze, colour and pattern, they are not well recommended for the outdoor tiling purpose and are less durable than unglazed porcelain tiles.

Polished glazed porcelain tile has a higher PEI rating to be precise polished glazed porcelain tiles are class 5 tiles. The PEI rating is issued by the Porcelain Enamel Institute that rates the tile on a scale of one to five. The higher the rating the denser, harder, and durable the tile will be. The rating also states that polished glazed porcelain floor tiles are well suited for high traffic area and highly recommended for airports, monuments, malls and large-scale industrial area and multi-storied flats in residential areas.

The Gvt porcelain tiles have lots to offer from its splendid collection of finishes ranging from monochromatic to vibrantly polished porcelain floor tiles, matt porcelain tiles to glossy porcelain floor tile, plain or speckled to marbled; colours ranging from white porcelain wall tiles to coloured porcelain tiles; pattern ranging from wood grain porcelain tile, porcelain ceramic tile, marble look porcelain tiles, porcelain mosaic floor tile, hardwood, granite porcelain floor tiles, full body porcelain tile, and more; and shapes such as hexagon porcelain tile.

We are the leading porcelain tiles manufacturer. We offer porcelain tiles products in many different coloured variation For Ex: Black, White, Grey, green, red, pink marble, blue porcelain tiles etc.

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