1200 x2400 Porcelain slab Manufacturer in India

1200 x2400 Porcelain slab Manufacturer in India


1200 x2400 Porcelain slab Manufacturer in India


Explained by 1200 x2400 Porcelain slabs Manufacturer in India about Porcelain slabs 

1200 x2400 Porcelain slab Manufacturer in India

Tiles and their footprints date back to the early 1000 BCE, and since then, they have come a long way. The transformation of tiles into what they are today has been mind-boggling at every turn of the century and with each new advancement in manufacturing methods.

Interestingly, however, Ceramics still has room for technological advancement. 1200 x2400 Porcelain tiles eventually emerged as the Next Big Thing in Ceramic Tiles as a result of the revolution in the manufacturing and design processes that opened up new avenues for exploring other options for ceramics.

Essentially, porcelain ceramic tile is a type of ceramic tile, but it is stronger, harder, denser, less porous, and more resistant to stains and water than regular ceramic tile, making it very durable. Natural clay, like other types of ceramic tiles, is the primary component of porcelain tiles, but it also contains other minerals. Porcelain floor tiles are made from very fine clay and are first treated at a very high temperature. 

This gives the tile a lot of unique characteristics like low moisture retention, high density, and the durability it needs.

Additionally, they are suitable for use on both floors and walls, making them ideal for both residential and commercial settings. Porcelain tiles for the bathroom, vitrified porcelain tiles, outdoor porcelain tiles, and porcelain wall tiles, among other things, are all available to view within Cruso. 


Benefits of 1200 x2400 Porcelain Flooring:

The following is a list of pros that can help you decide whether to use 1200 x2400 porcelain tiles for your next project:


1200 x2400 tiles made of porcelain are extremely resistant to wear and tear; They have a high propensity to withstand frequent and heavy use throughout the tile's lifespan, giving them an advantage over other tiles. Because they are constructed from denser materials and have fewer air pockets, these tiles are overall harder and thicker.

Simple to Maintain

The majority of the 1200 x2400 tiles need to be properly maintained on a regular basis to keep their beauty and usability; However, porcelain tiles are easier to maintain than other types of tiles. Using household chemical solutions, you can simply vacuum or mop the floor. Additionally, due to these tiles' resistance to water, They won't penetrate the interior's excess water. Because of these properties, porcelain tiles keep their shape and appearance over time.

Ideal for high-traffic locations

Because 1200 x2400 porcelain tiles are made in a way that makes them stronger and more durable than the majority of other types of tiles, they are an excellent choice for use in businesses or other places where heavy traffic is expected. The dense and long-lasting material can withstand heavy footfalls and keep its shape and appearance over time.

Less Staining

One more enormous advantage related to 1200 x2400 porcelain flooring is that it is less permeable than different sorts of floors, thus you won't encounter any staining in that frame of mind of spilled beverages, food, or synthetics. In addition, property owners won't have to worry about water spilling on the floor and needing to clean it up right away because of the low rate of absorption.

Everlasting Designs 

When it comes to appearance, porcelain tiles don't fade in direct sunlight. Shadings are also reliable. It is therefore ideal for use outside. Stone is the only tile type that can contrast with these never-ending plans. All things considered, however, they surpass all expectations because the design runs through the entire material. 

As a result, stone can be polished and cleaned to restore the original design to its original splendor. This only applies in the event that the tiles were damaged by staining or substance responses.

Non-Permeable And Heat Safe

1200 x2400 Porcelain, in contrast to natural stones like granite, marble, and quartzite, never requires sealing. Because it is a non-porous stone, it will not absorb water and is extremely stain resistant. Simply using a cloth and warm, soapy water to clean porcelain is all that is required, followed by thorough drying. 

In high-heat areas like fireplaces and surrounds, porcelain can be used. It has a high-intensity resistance, in contrast to quartz. 


Commercial and Hotel Use 

Due to its wear and stain resistance, 1200 x2400 porcelain is frequently used in hospitality services and areas with a lot of foot traffic. Porcelain is made to look like marble with more durability than marble, which is more susceptible to staining and scratching.



1. What are the various sorts of porcelain sections?

There are four main body types for porcelain tiles in general: Off-white, speckled, full-colored, homogeneous, and double-loaded bodies.

2. How durable are porcelain slabs?

Pavers made of porcelain offer numerous benefits, including Good durability: Porcelain tiles can last for many decades, and in some cases up to 50 years, provided that they are of high quality and laid correctly. Durable: Natural clays that are dense, and some additives go into making porcelain.

3. Is granite more expensive than porcelain?

Granite, marble, and quartz, on the other hand, cost more than porcelain. The good news is that you won't have to pay much for maintenance once it's installed. As you can see, a countertop made of high-quality porcelain is both versatile and long-lasting. It also performs well and is easy to install.

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