Are Vitrified Tiles Scratch Proof? How To Remove Scratches?

Are Vitrified Tiles Scratch Proof? How To Remove Scratches?


Are Vitrified Tiles Scratch Proof? How To Remove Scratches?

When it comes to damage to any structural element of a home, they are a deal-breaker, they are not pleasing to the eye, sometimes they may give way to functionality issues and other problems might follow. Though an easy solution might be to replace or repair these components sometimes they are not easy to do so. 

That is the thing with tiles, it is more difficult to restore the tiles if they become damaged or scratched. As a result, you must exercise caution while selecting the appropriate tiles for your house or workplace. If the tiles you install are readily damaged, you will have to spend much time managing those and cleaning those properly on a routine basis. Here is where vitrified tiles have come in the ranks for their resilience against scratches and stains.

Is Vitrified Tile Completely Scratch Proof?

Buying vitrified tiles is a sure shot way to prevent all of this difficulty. If treated properly, vitrified tiles will last a long time before losing their brilliance and elegance. Vitrified tiles are more resilient to daily use and strain and last longer than every flooring choice in the marketplace, such as marble slabs, stones, or hardwood flooring. Nevertheless, if there is a lot of action of heavy products on the floor, the tiles will undoubtedly have scrapes and blemishes.

Vitrified tiles add quality and flair to your home and help your room decor stand out. The tiles provide a variety of benefits. For instance, they do not have moisture absorption, are stain- and scratch-resistant is readily cleaned, and are extremely sturdy and lasting. Not only have that, but vitrified wall tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns, customized with a look that complements your floor tiles. Alternately, you might select vitrified floor tiles that complement the overall decor of the home.

However, to answer the question directly, vitrified tiles are not scratch-proof by any stretch of the imagination and may be prone to scrapping if not taken care of properly. They are relatively more scratch-resistant i.e. they are far more stubborn against scratches than any other tiles but are not completely scratchproof. 

How to Remove Scratch Off of Vitrified Tiles?

If by chance the vitrified tiles are subjected to scratch you may be able to clean that off to retain the beauty of the vitrified tiles. You can start with, scrubbing and moping the floor to ensure a clean, debris-free working area. Beginning from the first damaged tile, wipe a little number of brass cleaners into the scrape with a lint-free rag in circular motions. Allow the polish to dry before buffing it off.

Are Vitrified Tiles Good?

Vitrified tiles may be used in a variety of industrial as well as domestic applications, including malls, restaurants, etc. You may use it if you want to lease out your house because upkeep is simple. Vitrified tiles should be cleaned on a regular basis with a PH-neutral solution. Chlorine and acid-based chemicals should not be used on a routine basis since they might harm the grouting in between tiles.

Furthermore, they are not pricey. Because it requires less upkeep, this floor is ideal for baths. Just make sure you're wearing anti-slip slippers. They are one of the most beautiful tiling solutions in the market and can be stunningly appealing. To maintain their aesthetic value you must ensure a regular routine to maintain its beauty as well as take precautions to avoid any scraping and scratches.

With enough diligence and careful usage, vitrified tile are very long-lasting and is absolutely worth every penny.