Advantages and Disadvantages of Porcelain Tiles

Advantages and Disadvantages of Porcelain Tiles

Advantages and Disadvantages of Porcelain Tiles

Flooring is an important part of any space and plays a major role in determining the décor and ambiance. For many years, tiles have been a preferred choice since they appear stylish and can enhance the appearance of literally any space. High-quality tiles are more durable and can handle greater usage. And that is one of the pros of Porcelain tiles. Because porcelain tiles have fewer voids for air, they can withstand severe use. The material is denser and gives more homogeneity. When it comes to porcelain tiles, users believe that their incredible longevity, along with how simple they are to maintain, should be enough to make your mind up.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Porcelain Tiles

However, there is more to it, like everything else, there are advantages and disadvantages of porcelain tile and even the best porcelain tiles are no different. Hence, we have curated every detail about the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain tiles.

Advantages of Porcelain Tiles


The appearance of porcelain tile is one of its many advantages. It's comprised of high-quality materials and assembled to resemble a premium item. This robust tile option is more visually appealing than other tiles and will transform your room into the thing you be impressed with. The flooring is available in a variety of forms, and some of the porcelain tile types are very lovely.


One of the many pros of porcelain tiles is that it is durable and does not require frequent repair or replacement. As opposed to other tiles, the production process of porcelain tiles makes them a suitable and a product for a lifetime. Porcelain tiles are formed of finer quality clay, quartz, and powdered sand, and the mixture is fired at a great temperature to make it a lasting compound. Porcelain tiles are not easily chipped and nor does it wear away rapidly. As a result, they are the chosen option for many homes.

Requires Less Maintenance:

Porcelain tiles are the most easily maintained tiles of all the flooring options available. They do not require any extra waterproofing measures, unlike certain other types of flooring. Porcelain tile is quite simple to maintain. Porcelain tiles do not stain easily typical tiles, may be swept and washed gently. Homeowners frequently find this as one of the key factors to choosing porcelain tiles.


Because of its intense manufacturing process which involves baking at a temperature in excess of 1200 degrees Celsius, porcelain tiles have a very low porosity which is measured at around 0.5. It is because of this property that porcelain tiles are virtually waterproof, and hence provide an added benefit of installing them in places where moisture or water is expected. They are not damaged or chip even if there is much water around them.


Its versatile application is its most adored quality. Porcelain tile because of its many design and finishes is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms where aesthetics plays a key requirement, because of its durability, they are perfect for patios and other outdoor installations, and also since it is waterproof they are mostly preferred in kitchens and bathrooms. So literally every space is covered and they are a perfect fit in each one.

Now that we have covered most of its advantages there are certain disadvantages of porcelain tiles, they are;

Disadvantages of Porcelain Tiles


Porcelain tiles are denser and heavier. This property makes them hard to handle and difficult to cut or drill. Any customization through cutting and drilling is virtually impossible unless you for professional help. Also, since it is heavy only professional installers can lay the tiles perfectly, and is not easy to replace on your own. They are additionally difficult to fix on the surface as they require much more pressure than other tiles.


Porcelain tiles are a bit more costly than other tiles available in the market. Given that the base composition is a mix of fine clay and also the manufacturing process which involves higher temperature baking, all adds to the cost of its creation. Also, since the fixing of tile needs a bit more care and expert installation, the final cost goes up even more. 

Uncomfortable For Some

Because of its denser composition and lack of air pocket, porcelain tiles tend to be harder. For someone who finds it difficult on hard surfaces, porcelain tiles may not be a good it as they could be uncomfortable.

Comparing both the pros and cons, it can be established that the though there are disadvantages they may be overlooked because of the very glaring and more effective pros of Porcelain Tiles. Best Porcelain Tiles are the ones which have all the advantages and still works around the disadvantages to provide the best solution for customers. Cruso is one of the major manufacturer which constantly involves themselves in improving their finest quality porcelain tiles offering.