Ceramic Tiles in Africa

And responding to that call made us the Pioneers in Exporting Wall and Floor Ceramic Tiles in Africa. Being the Top manufacturers and Supplier of Ceramic Tiles in Africa, we at Cruso, since its inception, have always flourished on business from all over the World Enabling our presence on a Global level.

Whether you dwell or trade in it, your space is an extension of your persona. And because of that understanding our premium Ceramic Tiles are intended just for that purpose; materializing your exclusivity and elegance in the most exotic manner possible. Whether it be for your much functional and practical needs of your Kitchens or Bedrooms or for more simulating purposes like of your restaurants or Living Rooms or Bedrooms, Cruso has never shied away from exploring designing breakthroughs to serve you better. Boasting a wide array of selections, the quest for all you Tile requirements are met at our business.

Our Ceramic Tiles Collection

For Space

  • Our Bathroom Ceramic Tiles in Africa facilitating a perfect initiation of your day, radiating Oomph wherever your eyes wander.
  • Our Kitchen Tiles in Africa to treat your eyes while you take care of your appetite.
  • Our Living Room Ceramic Tiles show of you, your class, your thoughts, and ascend, with this selection.
  • Our Bedroom Tiles beckoning you to relax and refresh. An indulging stimulus for your senses for a much-needed rest.
  • Our Outdoor Tiles Stepping on them while stepping out, scheming your personality outside. That is our collection for Outdoor tiles, your outsides are as good as insides.
  • Our Commercial Tiles for when you want to close in a deal or a sale before it can happen. Your clientele is already impressed by you with our commercial tile collection.


  • Made in Africa is not just an assurance of our produce. Our Tiles brings and includes to your space a piece of Art from where it all originated. From Africa with Love, this line of tiles is our pride brought to you directly from where the manifestation of all ingenuity happened. Certainly, a piece to be called your own history, this contemporary selection of tiles is no less than a feat; Get yours! Exuberating artistry, influence and fashion, this featured collection is something to fall in love with.
  • Woodville is nature at your footstep, literally. The earthy robust designing brilliance of the collection of ceramic tiles in africa and its wide range at offer will indeed have a concrete structure dubbed as home for you.

About Us

Our premium Ceramic Tiles product quality standard is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 norm. Core of Cruso has continually augmented the reliability and design of our products and consistently have worked towards pure customer satisfaction. With our headquarters in Africa. And because of our dependability, Cruso’s clientele has been proudly extended overseas and has hassle-free Export Relation with over 40 countries in 5 continents.